User Testimonials

Just a quick note to say thank you for the last four years of what can only be described as one amazing Gold standard Product.

Invoicing used to take two weeks now it takes two hours and clients love getting email confirmations and we love how professional we look in the market place.

Thanks again

Craig Tresise, M.D.
Combined Chauffeured Cars Group

Melbourne Australia.

"I wanted to thank you again for the great support you have provided me. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of your time and genuine readiness to help. It is during such crucial times when I truly appreciate and understand the hard work that you do, and I am grateful that you stand behind your words. You have once more gone the extra mile for your clients."

Alia  K,   West Coast Limousine, CA

I am writing to express my appreciation to the staff at Creative Software for the excellent software you came up with. We have been using LimoWiz for over 10 years now. We never ever had any problem with it. I believe with each time LimoWiz is getting better and better,  the more we use it and more I like it. Your product is solid, intuitive and user friendly and more and more, I cannot imagine running my business without it. We just love you guys and keep up the good work!

Beysim Y., Marin Door To Door, Inc, CA

For my money, my company takes LimoWiz hands down. The program was hard to use and the service was terrible. I did not mention the name because there are some of you that have used this program and like it. It just didn't work for us.

LimoWiz is easy to use and the service is excellent. We use the network version.

John S., Carey Oregon, NLA Board Member
Love having your program - it has streamlined our office, cut down on receivable losses, and allowed our company to grow 40% in 2 years.

Shima Limousine Service
Mentor, OH
This is one of the main reasons I like this software so much. The provider is willing to do what he has to do to support it. At 6:00pm tonight, you would have thought the world had ended. I had people going home worrying about closing the month end tomorrow, and now, when they show up in the morning, it's like there was never a problem.

Ira, Barton Limousine, NY
You guys are always on the ball when it comes to keeping your software up to date.

Thomas B., CEO Superior Limousine. V.P. Georgia Limousine Association

I don't know how I ran this business without LimoWiz. It's so easy to use. I once thought about using another program, but couldn't believe how much better this one was than any other I either got in the mail or saw at a limo show. I would never change. Now that I have purchased the windows program, I am really happy

Champagne Limousine, Pen Argyl, PA
Other Comments:
"Your website is the most informative of all limo software sites"
"I have heard many good things about your product in the last year from
friends in the limousine business, and would like to try it out trial package ASAP"
"I wanted to let you know, now that we are using your software as the main software. We absolutely love it. It really is streamlining our operation"